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Floor Jansen

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As posted on Floor World:



Message from production team:

Want to be part of Floor´s new music video? We are looking for people to be part of the audience in the shoot on 27th of April. After the shoot you’ll have a chance to take a fan photo together with Floor. If you are in Helsinki on this date, please send your application to casting@kameron.fi

Please make sure that your application includes the following information:
– Name
– Phone number
– Email address
– Picture

Be quick since the spots are limited.

@Ocean Soul Quick, now is your chance! 🔥😁

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15 minutes ago, Ocean Soul said:

It would have been fucking awesome, but I'm already in Jyväskylä. Also I'm at work this week. Currently I'm exhausted after weekend, but goddamnit it was AWESOME.

Amazing, tell us all about it when you recover! 😄

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12 minutes ago, Fugazi said:

🤣 Right, I think she's on it already!

Wait a minute, she did an interview in Swedish on Finnish TV? Do most Finns understand Swedish? 🤔

@Ocean Soul Help needed 😉 ..... We/I need help for this very important question ..... 🤗

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Interview with Floor Jansen — “I found it very important to find something that fits me and realize that that’s a process.”

By Laureline Tilkin - May 6, 2022


A few quotes:

  • [For the Tampere show] I got a B12 injection, a vitamin, it gives you this instant energy, which the day after is gone. It feels horrible, but it really worked for the show. So that’s really helped me.
  • [...] this is my second studio album with the band, you know? This year, we can celebrate 10 years of me and NIGHTWISH but it’s the second album only, a studio album, and for Kai, it was the first, where he was a member [that] also played on [the album], so to make that goal [Platinum in Finland], that is special.
  • I started working with Joost [Van den Broeck] and we’ve been really working on trying to find my sound. But him coming from metal and me coming from metal made it very hard to kind of make the step away from that. [...] And so the stuff that I’ve been doing with Joost probably will never actually make the album but he was an essential part of getting the ball rolling.
  • So yeah, you need to write a lot of different kinds of songs with different people. So next to Joost, I also wrote with another Dutch songwriter. Some songs will make it, some will not.
  • I want it to be less is more. I don’t want it to be rock. I don’t want it to be metal. I’m not going to be Miss Pop. I’m not going to be your metal Britney Spears. No metal barbies, so there was a lot of “no I don’t want to do this.” I don’t want to do that. But I want to be able to really use my voice without it becoming too much.
  • I have been talking with all of this to Gordon Groothedde, the producer, and told him about those things I don’t want and what I would like to give or take. [...] He said, you know, after our talk, I had this song in my head that I wrote with and for somebody a while ago that I think could actually fit you. I’m going to check with her if I could play this for you. And so he did and I was like, yeah this… so we kind of formed it more towards my voice, recorded it, and that was the kickstart actually of what I consider my sound and from there, you can search and after that together, we wrote “Fire.” So yeah, it had to start somewhere and it was very cool that the lady who co-wrote it and was supposed to have it on her album said it’s better for your voice, you should definitely have it, so that’s super cool because you know songs are so personal.
  • Beste Zangers did not only open a market for me but it also opened a market for NIGHTWISH, so even though our songs might not be played on the radio as easily as my pop song now does, it’s still something that gets much more airplay, gets much more attention, is more looked upon by the Dutch audience as something that is not directly “not for me” because it’s metal.
  • [...] this is crazy I can do Pinkpop for both solo and the band on one day. I first had to check how long the sets were because I don’t want to overdo it. I don’t want to get tired on my solo show and then not be fit enough for NIGHTWISH, that would be unforgivable. But both are an hour and our regular NIGHTWISH shows are 2 hours, which should be fine.

And the video interview:


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