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2024: Interviews promoting Yesterwynde

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In a recent interview with Swedish Rock Magazine, Tuomas has indeed confirmed three things:

  • "The Day of..." is set to be the next single. Looks like I was right on the money for this guess. The theme for the single is "1984", which I can assume that it is the George Orwell book it will be about.
  • "The Children of 'Ata" will feature vocal parts sung in Tongan by guest vocalists.
  • Tuomas has stated that the band is not going to stop touring completely, but will start touring less after the hiatus is over.

I might have missed a couple of other details. If I did, please post what I might have missed.

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Awesome! The article seems to be behind a paywall, how did you manage to access it?

Anyway, I suppose that 'The Day of...' won't be anything like 'You Will Never Be Our God' (Xandria) but it's funny that we get two metal songs somewhat inspired by the same book in the last year.

Tongan guest vocalists? Hopefully they used due diligence and hired authentic Tongans and not con artists. 🤔

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Another new interview with Tuomas on Rock Antenne YouTube channel. The guy has listened to the new album already. It looks like the interview covers some of the same ground as the Sweden Rock article.

Some highlights:

  • "The Day Of..." is synth heavy with an 80's vibe. The song is about controlling people with fear, with an optimistic message hidden beneath.
  • The album requires time to absorb but it will be rewarding.
  • The album booklet includes many old-time photos with band members added-in.
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