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Over the Hills and Far Away (2001)


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Over the Hills and Far Away (2001)



Track list (with relevant threads when available)

  1. Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore cover) (lyrics) 🎞️ official video
  2. Tenth Man Down (lyrics)
  3. Away (lyrics)
  4. Astral Romance (2001 remake) (lyrics) (Note 1)


  1. With Tony Kakko on male vocals instead of Tuomas.


From the band:

Tuomas (from the 2007 re-issue album liner):

"This song by Gary Moore is a timeless classic that never grows old. I remember when I heard it for the first time -- I was watching the Finnish TV programme Hittimittari back in 1986. 'Over The Hills...' had an immediate impact on me, and to my mind, it's still one of the greatest rock songs ever!

I was also very pleased with the way '10th Man Down' turned out -- it's one of our best songs to date, and it could easily have appeared on a full studio album."

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I was really surprised when I read that Tuomas did not like the song "Away", as it is a beautiful song. He did say that "10th Man Down" is one of their best songs though.


"It was really difficult to start writing those other songs, 'Tenth Man Down' and 'Away', because obviously you'd want to save your best stuff for the album, as it feels like they're sort of wasted on the B-side of an EP. On the other hand, you don't want to put crap in there, either. In the end, 'Tenth Man Down' turned out to be one of our best songs ever, and it would have been fine on an album, too, but 'Away' is a whopping piece of crap."

- Tuomas Holopainen, Once Upon a Nightwish, page 139


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Away is a perfectly fine song, if perhaps a bit unremarkable among all the heavy-hitters of that era -- Oceanborn, Wishmaster and then Century Child. I'm actually surprised that Tarja didn't pick this one for her solo shows, she did a good job otherwise of performing obscure songs that Nightwish would not do live.

I can't get behind the decision to re-record Astral Romance with Tony Kakko though. It's filler material on the EP, and doesn't add much to the song -- actually I like the original better, with Tuomas doing it's best and Tarja singing more earnestly. I also liked the keys-guitar interplay that they replaced by heavier guitarz in the remake. Oh well, minor complaints in any case.

And 10th Man Down is the memorable song on this release IMO. I just love the chorus. Pretty stoked they brought it back on the Decades tour, I like Marko's voice more than Tapio Wilska on tape! 😁

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Well maybe he had something in mind for the song and the end result didn't meet his expectations. Maybe today he would have a more nuanced opinion, or maybe not. The lyrics remind me somewhat of High Hopes (Pink Floyd), I wonder if this is what he was going for.

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