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2012-13 Imaginaerum World Tour


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Quite an eventful tour by any standards!

The show list is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginaerum_World_Tour

In a few days will be the anniversary of the so-called "Denver Debacle", which still divides fans as to whether it was a good call or not to forge ahead with a makeshift show while Anette was sick in hospital, helped by borrowed singers from the cover band! History was made, fatal words were written, some of which can be found here in the Media forum:



As for the Denver show, the whole story was detailed in the well-known documentary "Please Learn the Setlist in 48 hours"...



A more complete recording of the unique show can be found here:



In retrospect, we can say that everything turned out all right for Nightwish, but things were looking really bad back then in late September 2012, while fans were probably oblivious to most of it. It would take nothing short of a miracle to turn things around... 🙂


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2012-13 Imaginaerum World Tour

Details on Wikipedia


Setlist (from Wiki; specific setlists at setlist.fm)


Typical setlist:

  • "Finlandia" (intro)
  • "Storytime"
  • "Wish I Had An Angel"
  • "Amaranth" (with long outro)
  • "Scaretale"
  • "The Siren" (with "Arabesque" and "Tutankhamen" samples)
  • "Slow, Love Slow"
  • "I Want My Tears Back"
  • "The Crow, The Owl And The Dove"
  • "The Islander" (acoustic version)
  • "Nemo" (acoustic version, with "Angels Fall First" samples)
  • "Last of the Wilds"
  • "Planet Hell" (with "Stargazers", "Gethsemane" and "Wayfarer" samples)
  • "Song of Myself" ("Love" section omitted)
  • "Last Ride of the Day"


  • "The Poet and the Pendulum"
  • "Over The Hills And Far Away" (Gary Moore cover)
  • "Imaginaerum" (outro)



(with links to recordings available on YouTube - 🎤🎤🎤 sound quality - 🎞️🎞️🎞️ image quality - ⭐ pro recording - 🚫 broken link)


United States-Los Angeles CA-Key Club-January 19, 2012 (warm-up concert under the pseudonym "Rubber Band Of Wolves")

United States-Universal City CA-Gibson Amphitheater-January 21, 2012

United States-Miami FL-70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise-January 23, 2012

United States-Miami FL-70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise-January 25, 2012


Finland-Joensuu-Areena-March 2, 2012

Finland-Sotkamo-Vuokattihalli-March 3, 2012

Finland-Oulu-Teatria-March 4, 2012

Finland-Jyväskylä-Paviljonki Areena-March 9, 2012

Finland-Helsinki-Jäähalli-March 10, 2012

Finland-Tampere-Hakametsän halli-March 11, 2012


Russia-St. Petersburg-Yubileiny-March 14, 2012

  • The Siren  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

Russia-Moscow-Crocus City Hall-March 15, 2012

Ukraine-Kiev-MVC-March 17, 2012

  • Scaretale  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️
  • Ghost River  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️


Sweden-Göteborg-Lisebergshallen-April 10, 2012

  • Storytime  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

Denmark-Copenhagen-Falconer Theater-April 11, 2012

Netherlands-Amsterdam-Heineken Music Hall-April 13, 2012

Germany-Düsseldorf-ISS Dome-April 14, 2012

Belgium-Brussels-Forest National-April 16, 2012

France-Paris-Bercy-April 17, 2012

France-Nantes-Zenith-April 18, 2012

France-Lyon-Halle Tony Garnier-April 20, 2012

Luxembourg-Luxembourg-Rockhal-April 21, 2012

Germany-Frankfurt-Jahrhunderthalle-April 23, 2012

Switzerland-Zurich-Hallenstadion-April 24, 2012

  • Ghost River  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

Italy-Milano-Forum-April 25, 2012

Austria-Vienna-Gasometer-April 27, 2012

Hungary-Budapest-Budapest Arena-April 29, 2012

Czechia-Prague-Tesla (T-Mobile Arena)-April 30, 2012

Germany-Leipzig-Arena-May 1, 2012

Germany-Hamburg-o2 World-May 3, 2012

  • Full show 🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

Germany-Nuremberg-Arena-May 5, 2012

Germany-Stuttgart-Schleyerhalle-May 6, 2012

Slovenia-Ljubljana-Tivoli Hall-May 8, 2012 (cancelled, Note 10)


Poland-Warsaw-Ursynalia Festival-June 2, 2012

United Kingdom-Donington Park-Download Festival-June 8, 2012

  • Amaranth  🎤 🎞️🎞️
  • Song Of Myself   🎤 🎞️🎞️

Austria-Nickelsdorf-Nova Rock-June 10, 2012

Finland-Seinäjoki-Provinssirock-June 15, 2012

Slovakia-Letisko Piestany-Topfest 2012-June 30, 2012

Sweden-Gävle-Getaway Rock Festival-July 5, 2012

Finland-Turku-Ruisrock-July 7, 2012

Switzerland-Montreux-Montreux Jazz Festival-July 12, 2012

  • Partial show  🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️ ⭐

Czechia-Vizovice-Masters Of Rock-July 14, 2012

Spain-Benicàssim-Costa de Fuego-July 21, 2012

Finland-Kuopio-RockCock-July 28, 2012

France-Colmar-Foire aux Vins-August 5, 2012

  • Ever Dream  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️
  • Scaretale  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

Norway-Trondheim-Borggården-August 25, 2012


United States-Atlanta GA-Center Stage-September 12, 2012

United States-Atlanta GA-Center Stage-September 13, 2012

United States-New York NY-Beacon Theatre-September 15, 2012

United States-Philadelphia PA-Electric Factory-September 16, 2012

United States-Worcester MA-The Palladium-September 17, 2012

Canada-Montreal QC-CEPSUM University of Montreal-September 19, 2012

Canada-Toronto ON-Sound Academy-September 20, 2012

United States-Columbus OH-Newport Music Hall-September 21, 2012

United States-Royal Oak MI-Royal Oak Music Theatre-September 23, 2012

United States-Chicago IL-Congress Theater-September 24, 2012

United States-Sauget IL-Pop's-September 25, 2012

United States-Kansas City MO-The Beaumont Club-September 27, 2012

United States-Denver CO-Ogden Theater-September 28, 2012 (Note 1)

United States-Salt Lake City UT-The Complex-September 29, 2012 (Note 2)

United States-Seattle WA-Showbox SODO-October 1, 2012 (Note 3)

United States-Portland OR-Crystal Ballroom-October 2, 2012

United States-San Francisco CA-The Warfield-October 3, 2012

United States-Anaheim CA-The Grove-October 5, 2012

United States-San Diego CA-House of Blues-October 6, 2012

United States-Tempe AZ-Marquee Theatre-October 7, 2012

United States-Oklahoma City OK-Diamond Ballroom-October 9, 2012

United States-Austin TX-Emo's-October 10, 2012

United States-New Orleans LA-House of Blues-October 11, 2012

United States-Fort Lauderdale FL-Revolution-October 13, 2012

United States-Lake Buena Vista FL-House of Blues-October 14, 2012


United Kingdom-Manchester-o2 Apollo-November 4, 2012

United Kingdom-London-o2 Academy Brixton-November 5, 2012

  • Scaretale  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️

United Kingdom-Birmingham-o2 Academy-November 6, 2012

United Kingdom-Glasgow-o2 Academy-November 7, 2012

Finland-Helsinki-Hartwall Areena-November 10, 2012 (Note 4)

  • Full show  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️
  • Full show   🎤 🎞️🎞️ (including a few words with the Floor's parents and sister after the show)
  • Arabesque  🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️ ⭐ (from the DVD release Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour Edition, 2016)
  • I Want My Tears Back   🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️ ⭐ (Note 😎


Mexico-Mexico City-Teatro Metropolitan-November 28, 2012

  • Full show  🎤🎤 🎞️

Mexico-Mexico City-Teatro Metropolitan-November 29, 2012

Puerto Rico-San Juan-Anfiteatro Tito Puente-December 1, 2012

Costa Rica-San Jose-Peppers Club-December 3, 2012

Peru-Lima-Centro de Convenciones Plaza San Miguel-December 7, 2012

Brazil-Porto Alegre-Opiniao-December 9, 2012

Brazil-Rio de Janeiro-Circo Voador-December 10, 2012

  • Scaretale  🎤 🎞️🎞️

Brazil-Sao Paulo-Credicard Hall-December 12, 2012

Argentina-Buenos Aires-El Teatro Flores-December 14, 2012

Argentina-Buenos Aires-El Teatro Flores-December 15, 2012

  • Dead To The World  🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️
  • Ghost Love Score  🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️ ⭐


Australia-Brisbane-The Arena-January 4, 2013

New Zealand-Auckland-The Studio-January 8, 2013

Australia-Melbourne-Palace Theater-January 14, 2013

Australia-Melbourne-Palace Theater-January 15, 2013

Australia-Adelaide-HQ Complex-January 18, 2013

Australia-Fremantle-The Metropolis-January 20, 2013


Japan-Osaka-Namba Hatch-May 21, 2013

Japan-Nagoya-Diamond Hall-May 23, 2013

Japan-Tokyo-Liquidroom-May 24, 2013

  • Full show  🎤🎤 (audio only)

Japan-Tokyo-Finland Fest / Studio Coast-May 25, 2013


Finland-Tampere-Sauna Open Air-June 8, 2013

Switzerland-Interlaken-Greenfield Festival-June 15, 2013

Finland-Helsinki-Tuska Open Air-June 30, 2013

Lebanon-Citadel - Jbeil-Byblos Festival-July 4, 2013

Norway-Lakselv-Midnattsrocken-July 11, 2013

Finland-Joensuu-Ilosaarirock-July 13, 2013

Czechia-Liberec-Benatska Noc-July 27, 2013

  • Full show  🎞️🎞️ (audio dubbed from "Showtime, Storytime" Wacken performance)

Germany-Wacken-Wacken Open Air-August 3, 2013

Belgium-Kortrijk-Alcatraz Festival-August 10, 2013

Germany-Hildesheim-M'era Luna Festival-August 11, 2013 (Note 5)



  1. With guest vocalists Elize Ryd and Alissa White-Gluz of supporting band Kamelot filling in for Anette Olzon who was hospitalized due to illness.
  2. Last show of Anette Olzon with Nightwish.
  3. First show with replacement singer Floor Jansen.
  4. The show was followed by the world premiere of "Imaginaerum" the movie.
  5. Last show with drummer Jukka Nevalainen.
  6. First performance of Ghost Love Score with Floor Jansen.
  7. Dedicated to the Ocean Souls of America.
  8. Featuring violinist Pekka Kuusisto.
  9. Battle Beast song covered by Nightwish for the last show of the tour leg with Battle Beast as opening band.
  10. Slovenia show cancelled (see here) despite still being listed on nightwish.com and Wikipedia.
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I thought I would share this here... It's a video that has been available on Youtube for quite some time but it doesn't have many views so I guess that most people here haven't seen it yet.
Anyway, imagine the scene. Austin, October 2012, Nightwish just fired Anette and they have been touring with this new singer for about 10 days now. Ghost Love Score hasn't been played live for some 3 years. Not even once during the Imaginaerum tour. Tuomas gives the thumbs up, and this song fires up, totally unexpectedly. Crowd goes crazy in a fraction of a second. Listen to them! There are a couple of videos with this first performance of Ghost Love Score with Floor, but this is the only one I've seen recording the crowd reaction. Must have been so amazing!
There are better quality videos out there of this performance, but the crowd reaction is priceless 🙂
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12 hours ago, Fugazi said:
I thought I would share this here... It's a video that has been available on Youtube for quite some time but it doesn't have many views so I guess that most people here haven't seen it yet.
Anyway, imagine the scene. Austin, October 2012, Nightwish just fired Anette and they have been touring with this new singer for about 10 days now. Ghost Love Score hasn't been played live for some 3 years. Not even once during the Imaginaerum tour. Tuomas gives the thumbs up, and this song fires up, totally unexpectedly. Crowd goes crazy in a fraction of a second. Listen to them! There are a couple of videos with this first performance of Ghost Love Score with Floor, but this is the only one I've seen recording the crowd reaction. Must have been so amazing!
There are better quality videos out there of this performance, but the crowd reaction is priceless 🙂

Love it 🤘

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  • 7 months later...

I was at the Toronto show on September 20, 2012. I went with one of my best friends and with my father. We were close up to the front and Kamelot was the opening act for the show, which in turn introduced me to them. I believe a minute before the lights went out to welcome Nightwish, the audience began to chant "Nightwish, Nightwish, Nightwish" very loudly, and I joined in of course with my friend.

I unfortunately only remember bits and pieces from the show, like when Marko gave me a smile from seeing me in the audience to the songs "Storytime", "Wish I Had an Angel" and "Amaranth". I kind of remember that they performed "Last of the Wilds".

During the show, my friend had to go to the washroom and my dad went to take her, so for a bit of the set I was up there at the front by myself. My friend was in the back by the merchandise stand waiting for me, and I didn't realize that they texted me cause I was in that daze of listening to the band. My dad moved up towards the front, security was trying to stop him cause they didn't know if it was dangerous. He told them I was there and allowed him to come get me from near the front to go to the back to see my friend. Me and my friend had a picture together there near the merch table that my dad took, but it got lost. 😄

Even if it was my only time seeing Anette performing with Nightwish days before she was fired, I will never forget that this concert got me huge into the band. And thus, began an obsession.


Toronto setlist:


Crimson Tide [Intro Tape]

  1. Storytime
  2. Wish I Had an Angel
  3. Amaranth
  4. 7 Days to the Wolves
  5. The Siren
  6. Slow, Love, Slow
  7. I Want My Tears Back
  8. The Crow, The Owl and the Dove
  9. The Islander
  10. Nemo (acoustic)
  11. Last of the Wilds
  12. Planet Hell
  13. Ghost River
  14. Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore cover, with "Mug of Brown Ale" intro)
  15. Song of Myself
  16. Last Ride of the Day

Imaginaerum [Outro Tape]


Setlist source:


Edited by Moondance
Minor edit.
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Thanks for the memories, Moondance! Well, I didn't get to see Anette live, but I wish I could have. She wasn't perfect live, but most of the time from what I can see and what I remember reading from that era the showgoers had a good time anyway. Also during this second tour, Anette was singing more to her strengths, mainly songs from her two albums instead of the old stuff. But it's a topic for another time! 😁

The two albums with Anette were hugely successful, so no wonder that so many new fans jumped onboard during those years. I remember one of the first videos of Nightwish I saw back around 2015 was Amaranth, and while I was confused (she didn't look like the other Valkyrie in Ghost Love Score!) I still liked the voice and the song.

Did you end up getting any merchandise that night? I couldn't find a poster from that same show, but here's one from a few days later, also with Kamelot. Good photo I think!



Oh and there are a few recordings of songs from your show on Youtube, apparently. The poor sound quality and image is of course nothing like being there yourself!

and some Kamelot 😁

Hey and Tuomas even gave an interview on that night!


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I got a shirt from the merch table that night, which had the tour dates on them so that I could remember which one I went to. II wore that one so much that as soon as I found a hole in the shirt I had to stop wearing it. I still have it, but it's in storage so that I can preserve it and share stories about my first Nightwish show with others. Still have my ticket stub as well.

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A surprise recording from the vaults! Over The Hills And Far Away sang by Floor during the Imaginaerum tour, it's a welcome release since this song isn't on any of Floor's live albums. The photo selection is nice too, many more recent photos never seen before! 👍



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It's been 9 years! The "Denver Debacle", or probably the "Denver Miracle" would be a better descriptive. Here's what can be found on YouTube:


This video I have posted before, it includes snippets from the "Please Learn The Setlist in 48 Hours" documentary, an interview with Elize and Alyssa, and plenty of live material from that unique show.

Other sources:


The setlist: (setlist.fm) *no recording found

  • Storytime (Elize-Alyssa)
  • Wish I had An Angel (Elize)
  • Amaranth (long version) (Elize)
  • Scaretale (Elize?)*
  • I Want My Tears Back (Elize)
  • The Islander (Marko, no backing vocals)
  • Finlandia*
  • Last Of The Wilds
  • Planet Hell (Elize?)*
  • Rest Calm (Marko)
  • Nemo (Elize)
  • The Mug Of Brown Ale (aww moment) (tap dancing)
  • Over The Hills And Far Away (Elize)
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I'm in the process of adding more Youtube links to the Imaginaerum tour list, but there's this fun vlog I found that didn't belong with the shows -- Floor reporting on the 2013 Japan mini-tour. 🤘 It's worth a look if you haven't seen it before, it's not on any of the official releases. It even includes some live clips from the Tokyo show. Floor has been Youtubing way before she started her fanclub, before the Floor Finds and One Minute Fan Fridays and Storytimes we're used to by now! 🔥



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  • 9 months later...

It's been 10 years! 😮

Nightwish, Kamelot at the Ogden Theatre, 9/28/12 (review)

by The Know, October 1st 2012


The Kamelot/Nightwish concert at the Ogden Theatre on Friday was a serious case of “the show must go on.” Maybe even one of the band must go on. Both groups had built a passionate fan base due in large part to an enigmatic lead singer. And both had to replace their lead singers in recent years, so this tour had the power to solidify or sever their fan bases, forcing the replacements to prove their credibility.

Kamelot took the first shot, with Tommy Karevick working to fill the rather large shoes of the charismatic Roy Khan. Is it sheer coincidence that Karevick bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Khan? Kamelot’s first recording with Karevick doesn’t come out for another month, so this was his chance to make the all-important first impression. While his performance was satisfactory, it won’t cause the faithful to soon forget the loss of Khan. It wasn’t Kamelot’s lead singer who made the biggest impression. It was the touring background singer, Elize Ryd, and not for her performance with Kamelot (keep reading).

The crowd grew restless at the slow changeover following Kamelot’s generally well-received set. After all, they were very eager to see if Nightwish’s current front woman, Anette Olzon, had the live pipes to measure up to the iconic vocals of Tarja Turunen — a debate that has deeply polarized the fan base of Finland’s most successful band abroad. (Nightwish has reportedly sold more than 8 million records worldwide and collected 60 awards.) This was the big chance for Denver fans to decide if they were staying onboard the Nightwish train. Only it wasn’t.

The reason for the delay was eventually revealed: Olzon had been rushed to the hospital, and it was left to an audience vote as to whether the show should be canceled, or they all have what one band member called “a huge karaoke night.” Although stunned by the announcement, the crowd clamored for the show to go on, and as the lights went down, Kamelot’s Elize Ryd emerged with lyric sheets in hand, singing “Storytime.” Ryd made a valiant effort to spontaneously salvage the show with performances sprinkled through the set, and her awkward but earnest efforts on “Amaranthe” and “Nemo” were rewarded with heavy praise.

The band and audience alike seemed to be determined to make the best of a bad situation. Bass player Marco Hietala filled some spots with falsetto vocals and allowed the crowd to take the reigns on other songs. Yet another unexpected surprise was the performance of uileann pipes master Troy Donockley, whose Celtic leads sharply contrasted the bombastic symphonic wall of sound created by Empuu Vuorinen’s guitar and Tuomas Holopainen’s keyboards. Concluding with a cinematic version of Gary Moore’s “Over the Hills and Far Away,” Nightwish somehow managed to team up with a forgiving audience to play what is surely going to be a stop in the tour the band won’t soon forget.


Also, a few pictures from that fateful night:


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Indeed, you were very lucky! I mean, there were probably some clues that not every day was perfect within the band, but I don't think that anyone thought that they could suddenly split in the midst of the tour like they did. Fans didn't know that Anette was pregnant either, it only became known months later when she gave birth.

I wonder what would have happened had Floor not been available on such a short notice. Would have they carried on as best they could with Anette, would they have cancelled the rest of the US tour, would they have asked Elize Ryd to practice the songs some more and take over? 😮

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It's been 10 years since Floor's very first show with Nightwish, and that story is recapped here --

-- but it's also nice to just sit back and enjoy the performance! I did my best to build a playlist of that first show using available YouTube recordings.


Full setlist here. Also, here's the whole list of available recordings from that show that I'm aware of:

United States-Seattle WA-Showbox SODO-October 1, 2012

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A great ten years it has been, and I still believe that Tuomas found the right vocalist to fill in for Anette's role. I was quite happy when I found out she became the new vocalist, and everything changed as I would progress into the mega Nightwish fan that I am - not to brag or anything. 😏

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Wow, this is a nice montage of Floor singing Storytime through the years! There's even 2022 footage from Helsinki, with Jukka. I wish they would have shown more of that first show in 2012, since the rest is widely available on DVD or YouTube, but still a nice video. 🤘

Edit: Also, kudos for using what appears to be the actual sound recording from the 2012 performance, for those 40 seconds or so from the first show (compare with this fan recording). When NW released a special live clip of Storytime on the Tour Edition of EFMB, the live footage and the sound track were sort of a mashup of the whole Imaginaerum tour. In this new video, the 2012 visuals are also assembled from a couple of different shows, but at least when Floor sings it's the real Seattle footage and sound.

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